A list of cutting edge services and projects we build for education, utility, and experiment.

Btcpay Server

BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free. Our instance is viewable at

Btcpay server

Lightning Node

We run a Lightning node using the LND implementation. The Lightning Network Daemon (LND) - is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node. Lightning Node Info (Amboss)

Amboss Lightning

LNBits Legend

LNBits is a Free Open-Source Lightning Accounts System with Extensions. Run for yourself, for others, or as part of a stack. LNbits extension framework makes building easy.


The Laisee Project

Laisee are little red envelopes with money. Lightning Laisee contain Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. They can exist in both physical and digital form. You can send a Lightning Laisee to anyone in the world. See more at

Tiger Laisee

BTC Converter

A Basic Bitcoin to Fiat converter with price feeds from Coindesk. Convert between HKD, USD, GBP, EUR, CNY and Sats and Bitcoin.

BTC Converter

Stack Sats

Find out how many Sats you can Stack with this Dollar Cost Average (DCA) calculator. Data from August 2010 until today.

Stack Sats

Sats to HKD Visualization

Watch the Sats value compared to the HKD over the life of Bitcoin. Rates are updated in real time and graph updated daily.

Sats to HKD

Block Explorer

The Bitcoin Association hosts its own block explorer for anyone to visit and use. Visit the explorer at

Block explorer

P2P chatroom

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong hosts its own private P2P chatroom(Bit Point) for communication purpose with offers broadcasting tools.

Trading chart


Below you'll find a list of our news channels, blogs and chatrooms.

Bitcoin Bytes Blog

Community Blog of The Bitcoin Assocation of Hong Kong.

Recent Blog Posts on this site

The latest blog posts relevant to Bitcoin in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin Hong Kong Global News 香港比特幣環球新聞

News about Bitcoin and Blockchains from and about Hong Kong and Global.

Bitcoin HK Announcements:

Interesting events on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong Main Chat room

Our most popular chatroom where the online community gathers to discuss anything and everything. Inquire for a link after joining a meetup online or in person

Bitcoin Members Only Private chat group

Our members only meetup room where special members only events take place. Get the insider scoop by joining today. Inquire for link after paying membership dues.

Bitcoin HK Helpdesk 香港比特幣支援小組

New to bitcoin? Unsure where to start? Have questions about becoming a member? Ask here:

Online Bitcoin Meetup & News - BTC HK

Meetup with other bitcoin ethusiasts over a public chatroom

Contact person:

Cliff Choi
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Contact person:

Olga Kochmar
PoW ASICs Hardware Electricity Immersion Cooling

Contact person:

Cliff Choi
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