Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong opens two new chat rooms

Since 2015 the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong has offered a private chat room for its members on the Telegram platform. As Telegram and Bitcoin grew, so did this chat, and we are very satisfied with the amount of fun we have had over the years, the things we learned and the people we met.

As Bitcoin continues to grow, we would like to offer some of the benefits of our community to a wider Hong Kong audience. With the pillars of ‘education’ and ‘peer-to-peer’ in mind we today announce the launch of two new chat rooms.

Bitcoin Hong Kong Helpdesk

Click here to find the BitcoinHK help desk

Over the years we have been very happy to help others start their journey into the world of cryptocurrencies. Now we have set up a dedicated Telegram group where you are welcome to ask all your Bitcoin-related questions. Volunteers from the Bitcoin Association will take turns answering them.

Please direct your questions as clearly as possible in a single post. Your posts are most likely to be answered during Hong Kong office hours. You are encouraged to read our FAQs4 before you post.

Attention: Our volunteers will never send you a direct message. Please do not engage with DMs and be wary of scams. Never send Bitcoin to others in this group and never share your wallet seed phrase or password with anyone.

Why Telegram? Telegram is a widely used, slick and scalable platform. There are countless ways to handle permissions and moderate content. It allows us to delegate multiple roles among guests, bots, moderators and administrators and we are confident it can sustain the group even if were to become very large or noisy.

Bitcoin P2P trade chat

Owing to Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer nature, our members have always been eager to buy and sell Bitcoin directly from each other, as opposed to visiting an ATM or using an exchange. To better serve these trades, we have set up an invite-only trade room on the Keybase platform.

You may request an invitation to this room by joining our public Keybase team. Profiles that have followers and proofs attached to them as well as individuals located in Hong Kong will be preferred.

Bids and asks have to be submitted using Bitkarrot’s P2PBot in a specified format. It is up to the individual traders to verify the trustworthyness of their peers, as well as make use of appropriate escrow.

Attention: The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong assumes no liability for this group, nor does it charge a fee or hold custody over your cryptocurrencies. All trades are fully peer-to-peer.

Why Keybase? Keybase is fully end-to-end encrypted and makes it very easy to verify the authenticity of other accounts. It is far harder to impersonate others on Keybase than it is on other platforms, and you yourself are able to curate who you want to interact with by following/unfollowing them.