Tangem x BitcoinHK

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong is proud to announce its partnership with Tangem, the first digital bank note for digital assets.

BitcoinHK Tangem Note

What is a Tangem note?

Tangem is a NFC hardware wallet. Each tangem note contains a NFC chip with a secure element. While more advanced and secure, it is similar in functionality to your Octopus card. The chip contains the private key to a Bitcoin address. This private key cannot be extracted from the card.

You can use an NFC-enabled smart phone to verify the authenticity of the Tangem note, check its balance and send or receive Bitcoin. (iOS) (Android)

What can you do with a Tangem Note?

  • Store Bitcoin securely, all you need to do is protect the physical note
  • Gift Bitcoin to those unfamiliar with it, they only need to keep the physical note safe
  • Cash out at one of the many stores buying and selling Tangem notes, such as the Genesis Block
  • Develop your own functionality on top of Tangem, for example to identify guests or members and to give away digital assets

How do you get a Tangem Note?

You can purchase Tangem Notes with Bitcoin (including Lightning), Ethereum and Litecoin.

You can pick up your Tangem Note anytime at one of our events or ask for it to be sent to you by mail. The BitcoinHK Tangem Notes come unloaded.

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