In order to make attendees of the Phase II of the Scaling Bitcoin workshops stay in Hong Kong more enjoyable and to foster a sense of community. We are running English and Chinese chat groups for attendees (and of course those who wish they could attend).

為了讓來香港參加“擴展比特幣研討會第二階段”的朋友的香港之路更好玩並做全球比特幣社區建設,本協會在提供英文及中文聊天群。 歡迎來港菜價研討會和心裡想來參加研討會但是來不了的朋友入群!

In order to provide a welcoming environment for monolingual attendees, please only chat in the language of the group.


English Chat Group / 英文聊天群

The English chat group is on Telegram, a cross platform messaging platform with native apps for most platforms and web.


Click here to join the Scaling Bitcoin English chat group. 點擊此鏈結加入英文群

Chinese Chat Group / 中文聊天群

The Chinese chat group is on Wechat, a popular messaging application in China. Please scan the QR code below to join the group!


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