2nd Global Bitcoin Meetup

This global meetup brings together 4 communities to exchange knowledge and ideas with regard to the technology that we are so font of!

2nd Global Bitcoin Meetup

All talks will be 20 minutes (in English) plus 5 minute for questions:

1) Representing Bitcoin Sydney: “Bitcoin Blocks from Space: Setting up a Blockstream Satellite node” By John Pratt, organiser of Bitcoin Sydney & Ketan Gulabdas, Ministry of Nodes.

2) Representing Bitcoin Hong Kong: “Improving the Lightning user experience with LNURL” by Leo Weese - BitcoinHK

3) Representing Thessaloniki’s Bitcoin Meetup: “An overview of Schnorr/Taproot” by Dr. Kostas Karasavvas, Organiser, CTO at Block.co, Faculty at UNic & AUTh.

4) Representing Bitcoin Toronto: “DIY Bitcoin: Do It Yourself” by KryptoKidz, Organizer of Bitcoin Toronto Meetup