Be Prepared For Scaling Bitcoin / 做好“擴展比特幣”之路的準備

Coming into town for Scaling Bitcoin? Maybe even your first time in Hong Kong? These helpful gadgets will get you started! Mobile internet, plugs, Octopus cards (best cryptographic digital money until Bitcoin was invented, worth to read up on!) and even pre-stamped postcards and aerogrammes, we have it all and sold at cost to you!

準備來香港參加“擴展比特幣”嗎?第一次來香港嗎?這些很有用的東西會幫助你做好出差來港的準備!移動網路,電源轉頭, 八達通,連已有郵票的明信片也有!商品都以成本價賣。

You will be able to pick up the goods at various locations and occasions before the conference. Just select Hong Kong as the destination of your package and the option “Pick up at Scaling Bitcoin” at checkout to avoid being charged shipping fees.

你可以在“擴展比特幣”研討會的會前活動取貨。為了避免運費,結帳時選擇”Pick up at Scaling Bitcoin”。

We are a little flexible with the pickup arrangement and understand that you will need your package as early as possible. Write your itinerary or questions to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

如果你有關於取貨時間地點或其它問題,請向 發送電郵。我們會儘快回覆你!

Take note of our pre-stamped return envelopes, with which you can refund your Octopus cards for Bitcoin as conveniently as we can make it possible.